Thanks to PreciousTovah for hosting our first Charity stream! Check out her Twitch channel at twitch.tv/precioustovah

Thanks to everyone who responded to our last contest, we have heard back from all 10 of our winners and will be dispatching their goodies real soon.

DreamHack Austin 2017 (4/1/2017) - Gamers to Help Adults Fighting Cancer The upcoming DreamHack Austin is truly a dream for many passionate gamers. Thanks to 1UpOnCancer, it’ll also be a chance to help adults fighting cancer. From April 28-30, gamers will be able to stop by booth #710 and give generously to help others continue to hold onto their own […]
Thank You Everyone at RTX 2016! (7/15/2016) - We just wanted to give a big thanks to everyone who donated during RTX 2016! We raised exactly $1,000! Also we want to quickly shout out our sponsors: tinyBuild Twitch SUPERHOT JerkyXP RTX Thank you for an awesome RTX. Up next is QuakeCon!
Sizzling Summer ’16 Fundraiser (6/23/2016) - Looking to help others while playing some games this weekend? Why not host a charity stream for 1UpOnCancer? We’re doing a seasonal push to raise money to help bring in the warm weather. Our goal is to finish off the quarter in a huge way. Doing a stream for us is easy, just check out […]
Partnerships (6/22/2016) - A few quick tidbits for the site: We’re officially a partner of Twitch as of June. We have really sweet looking emotes if you subscribe too! We’re officially a partner with Discord as of today! Join our Discord server! Thanks for reading this very short post, now let’s get this party started! 🙂
NSFW: Toasted on Beer and Board Games (6/10/2016) - This is one to watch after you get home from work but this is quite funny, this is a variant of Apples to Apples but you grab passages from books for answers. Our toast happens just after the 6 minute mark. Thanks everyone at Blame Society Productions!
Fundraiser Results (as of 5/12/2016) (5/12/2016) - February 2016 Fundraising: $303 Donations: $16 March 2016 Fundraising: $2,194 Donations: $50 April 2016 Fundraising: $1,508.00 Total for 2016: $4,071 One of the organization’s original goals (while the board were working to get the 501(c)(3) last January) was to allocate $2,000 to each approved applicants at the end of Q3 2016 which is during September. This is […]
Simply Undrea 3-Day Fundraiser (3/30/2016) - Donate directly to this Tiltify fundraiser by using this URL: http://tiltify.com/events/for-xia
TheWalkthroughGamer 24-Hour Fundraiser (3/30/2016) - Event Forum: http://forums.beam.pro/topic/709/24-hour-cancer-charity-stream-friday-april-1st Donate directly to this Tiltify fundraiser by using this URL: http://tiltify.com/events/thewalkthroughgamers-24-hour-live-stream
Pot of Gold 2016 – Thank You! (3/21/2016) - Before I start this post I want to thank each and every one of you who volunteered, donated and helped in any way possible to make our event a success. It means a lot to all of us here at 1UpOnCancer that you believe in our organization and want us to succeed. We wrapped up […]
March 2016 Press Release (3/18/2016) - LEWISVILLE, TX – After months of planning and weeks of waiting for the final approval, 1UpOnCancer has received its official 501(c)(3) designation; the organization can now stretch their wings and soar on behalf of adult gamers dealing with the financial hardship of cancer and all it entails. There are many charities that focus on cancer […]
TaxPayer and Kitty MoonDust’s Video (3/15/2016) - Thanks to this awesome husband and wife team for sending us this great video! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X7xSaTVYxq0 TaxPayer’s Info: — Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/taxpayer2004 — Twitch: https://www.twitch.tv/taxpayer2004 Kitty MoonDust’s Info: — Twitter: https://www.twitter.com/kittymoondust
JmzPlays Video Submission (3/14/2016) - We just received a video from JmzPlays — thanks James! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N9N7x3sW5hk Visit his YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/NachosofDoom
Make a Video About Us (3/9/2016) - Want to share our organization’s message to the world? Make a video about us! A new page on our site, Making a Video, explains how you go about creating a video and the criteria behind it. These videos will be placed on our YouTube page and will be featured at our events. Your message is just as […]
Rooster Teeth Expo (RTX) (3/2/2016) - Just wanted to get the word out that we will be in Austin, TX for Rooster Teeth Expo (RTX) from July 1 – July 3, 2016.  Thank you to both ScrewAttack and Rooster Teeth for helping make this happen.
We are Officially a 501(c)(3) (2/27/2016) - As of today we are an official 501(c)(3). We are currently celebrating but starting tomorrow we have a lot of work to do. Our determination letter can be found here: http://www.1uponcancer.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/02/1uponcancer-501c3.pdf
Chris Haslage on The Filthy Casuals (2/26/2016) - Here’s an interview our Program Manager Chris Haslage gave this week about how 1UpOnCancer started and his background in gaming and media. Note: The podcast has strong language. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hy3gXMAG7aE
First Charity Stream (2/17/2016) - Thanks to PreciousTovah for hosting our first Charity stream! Check out her Twitch channel at twitch.tv/precioustovah
PAX South Contest (2/2/2016) - Thanks to everyone who responded to our PAX South contest, we have heard back from all 10 of our winners and will be dispatching their goodies real soon.
Welcome (1/25/2016) - Today is the first day of our website being released to the public. Please be patient as new things are still being added so do check back once in a while! In the meanwhile, enjoy and if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.