Fundraiser Results (as of 5/12/2016)

February 2016
Fundraising: $303
Donations: $16

March 2016
Fundraising: $2,194
Donations: $50

April 2016
Fundraising: $1,508.00

Total for 2016: $4,071

One of the organization’s original goals (while the board were working to get theĀ 501(c)(3) last January) was to allocate $2,000 to each approved applicants at the end of Q3 2016 which is duringĀ September. This is almost enough for two people so far using that goal criteria. Currently as it is going through fundraisers, we might have to down scale the amounts disbursed so we can help as many people as we can for the first year of the organization. We dreamed big but the reality is still not as so big as our dream.

Now to be honest, this is a very good start and I am so proud of everyone working together to make this happen. Thank you all – streamers, donors, helpers and volunteers who made it all happen so far. Let’s keep this up!

Edit (5/12/2016): Updated the April tally. All of those are before Tiltify & PayPal fees.