Month of #1UPs

Cancer ruins lives. Many adults face losing their jobs and foreclosure of their homes because of cancer. The sheer cost of trying to get better can both devastate and bankrupt a family. This is why we started 1UpOnCancer. We’re here to help ensure people with cancer don’t have to worry about their bills and focus on getting better.

Give a #1UP to families this holiday season by fundraising to erase cancer debts. Help them not have to choose between chemo and Christmas.

A Small #1UP Can Help So Much!

Starting October 1, 2019 we are asking for your help by fundraising to help the adults with their cancer treatment bills. We will use the funds raised to pay as many cancer bills as possible this holiday season, the more we raise the more bills we can pay.

A few ways you can give a #1UP:

Tiltify Fundraising Perks

For fundraising on our Tiltify event you’ll get some great perks based on what you raise.

  • $100+: TEAM T-Shirt and Pin
  • $250+: Buttons, Bracelet and a Lanyard (plus all perks above)
  • $500+: 1UOC Hat (plus all perks above)
  • $1,000+: TEAM Hoodie (plus all perks above)

Pictures are approximations and may look different on arrival. Click pictures to see full size.

Need More Information?

Check out these links to find out more information about 1UpOnCancer: