General FAQ

How did 1UpOnCancer start?

We started 1UpOnCancer because we were tired and fed up with how cancer is still destroying lives in the 21st century and no one is really helping out people who are diagnosed in terms of monetary relief. There are a lot of charities geared to children and very few geared to people who are 18 and older. We decided to start one that does treatment bill relief for adults with cancer because it’s the right thing to do.

Read our About page for more information.

How does 1UpOnCancer plan to use the donations?

We want to give a significant percentage of the donations to help our specific causes. This will involve us being active in the gaming community and bringing as much awareness to our organization.

If you are interested in the percentages that make a successful charity, please check out Charity Watch: https://www.charitywatch.org/charitywatch-criteria-methodology

How can I help with fundraising?

How about doing a charity stream? Click here to find out how to be a charity streamer!

There are more ways to help us raise money, please see our Support page for ideas!

Application for Bill Relief FAQ

What kind of bills do you help with?

We only help with bills that are directly related to cancer treatment.

How often can I apply?

You can apply once every quarter.  There will be a window of time that this form will be available, please keep an eye on our page for when that window opens.

What are your quarters?

We end our year on December, so our quarters run like this:

  • Q1 = January – March
  • Q2 = April – June
  • Q3 = July – September
  • Q4 = October – December

We disperse on the next quarter, so the money raised for Q1 will go towards Q2’s applicants.

If I get approved, how much will I get in terms of monetary aid relief?

The money will not be given directly to you, instead we work with the doctor’s office to pay the bill.  The disbursement depends on how much we get for that quarter and your bill needs. However, not everyone will be able to be eligible to receive it.

I need help with funds for my child who will / currently is undergoing treatment for cancer, can you help me?

Unfortunately, this organization is geared for age 18 and above since there are so many charities available for minors. However, we can redirect you to a few organizations that can help you:

Donation FAQ

Are you a registered charity in your state?

Yes! Our Texas Taxpayer ID is 32058128318

Our state letter of determination can be found here:

Are you a federally recognized 501(c)(3) charity in the United States?

Yes! Our Federal EIN is 47-4970701

Our federal letter of determination can be found here:

Where do I donate? 

It’s easy to donate! Click here to be redirected to our donation page.

How do I get my donation receipt?

Currently we take donations through PayPal. If you do a donation under $250 the PayPal receipt is legally sufficient for the IRS. If the donation is $250 or more then a donation receipt will be emailed to you separately to your PayPal email address.  If you wish your donation receipt to be sent in a different manner (different email address/postal mail), please contact us.

Are there other ways I can support besides donating?

We work with a few different companies that allow your purchasing power to help fund us. Companies like Humble Bundle, Amazon and eBay have ways for you to work with non-profits while buying or selling on their platforms. Links for those companies can be on our Support page.

Community FAQ

How do I stream an event for 1UpOnCancer?

We made a how-to guide for just this reason, just visit our Charity Streaming 101 page.

Can I use your logo for an event?

If you are doing an event for us and need our logo, please visit our Brand Assets page.

Can I submit a video to 1UpOnCancer?

Yes you can! You can find out more here.

How can I get on your Twitch / Tiltify team?

You must have done a charity stream for us in the past and be picked by one of our team members to be added.

If there’s something that was not covered here in the FAQ, please contact us!