Making a Video

Thank you for interest in making a video for us. We love the support of our followers and we want to feature your thoughts and feelings during our events.

Criteria of making a video:

  1. Make sure your camera is not pointing at a light source e.g. window during the day. It will make things difficult to be clearly identifiable as seen in this example below.


  2. Make sure your sound in the video is clear and not distorted.
  3. Tie the message into what we do here at 1UpOnCancer, if you need help, please read our FAQ and About pages.
  4. Keep your video 120 seconds or shorter.
  5. Feel free to use our Brand Assets!
  6. Have your video be captioned by Their instructions on how to do it is linked here. (Note: Amara will allow you to do crowdsourcing in terms of subtitling your video.)
    1. Link your video on your Amara account.
    2. Copy the URL that Amara has sent you to. Now, you have two options here:
      1. Subtitle it yourself. Amara has a great editor, it should be a breeze to add captions!
      2. Paste it on your Facebook, Twitter or any other social media accounts and ask your friends / followers to help you out in terms of editing subtitles.

Here’s a very good tutorial that you can use quickly to ensure that your shooting goes well.

Once you are done creating your video please submit your information to our Media Submission form.

If your submitted video matches the criteria above, we will be using your video to help us spread our message during events and fundraisers.