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Chris Haslage

Manager Since August 2015
Board of Directors Vice President
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Chris Haslage has been working since age 10; he started by sweeping floors for a local barber every day for $1. He soon started a business with his brother which lasted for 15 years, doing tasks such as mowing lawns and shoveling snow to creating websites and fliers for businesses.  At age 13 Chris started an apprenticeship with a local repairman that dealt with police, fire and EMS technologies which gave him a love for radio, electronics and programming.  In adulthood Mr. Haslage went into radio as his career path, working in the industry for 15 years under a few different companies.  In his time in radio, he oversaw many projects for various companies and worked with many prominent customers such as ESPN and CBS.

Chris Haslage has been working in the non-profit sector since age 12, starting at El Centro (Lorain, OH) working on bettering the community by repainting buildings and structures tagged by gangs.  In adulthood he continued working with the community by working with other organizations such as Special Olympics Ohio, Children’s Developmental Center (Amherst, OH) and Lorain County Community College.  While Mr. Haslage was attending Lorain County Community College, he built the new campus radio station “Duck Radio”, after completion he stayed on as the Program Director for two years. This radio station was built as a teaching aid for students to use real-world tools for broadcasting to the community; this station still runs today.  Chris ended his 8-year tenure at Children’s Developmental Center in 2012 and ended his 12-year tenure with Special Olympics Ohio in 2015 due to relocating to Texas.

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