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Ryan Elliott

Manager Since November 2018
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Growing up I lost my baby sister, my grandmother, my best friend, and I nearly lost my father. I’m a person who understands exactly what it’s like to have to watch someone you love slowly deteriorate and rack up hospital bill after hospital bill, and I know what it feels like to lose. I had met Chris one day because he was making a miniature Super Nintendo out of a Raspberry Pi at a local maker space that I had recently joined, and it seemed like the coolest thing ever. We got to talking and found out we like a lot of the same stuff, and more importantly I found out about 1Up. I immediately said he could hit me up if he needed help and I’d do what I could. As it turns out I got myself caught between a rock and a hard place and had to ask him for help first. During that time I got to know more about 1Up and what it is, and I was in awe of what had gone into it.

My uncle who had been on dialysis for about 4 years was diagnosed with cancer not that long ago and as of the time I’m writing this out he’s still undergoing treatments. Watching that same old song and dance of hospital visits and medical bills made me realize that the number of times I’ve watched it play out means there are countless others who are living through it. The look of relief on my family’s faces when someone helps my uncle reminded me of that same intense look and feeling of relief my family had experienced whenever someone stepped in and gave even the slightest amount of help while I was growing up. That feeling of being able to let go of the stress for even a brief moment is the feeling that I want to give people. That is the reason why I joined 1Up On Cancer.

The 1UpOnCancer crew has showed me an inspiring amount of enthusiasm that, at times, seems boundless. It’s easy to get swept away in everyone’s personalities because wherever they go, that’s where the party is. The first convention I ever attended was with 1Up, and I had no idea what it was like to be at one. I was a little overwhelmed and was not prepared for that kind of atmosphere. Regardless of that I had a lot of fun, and attended Quakecon the next week. I was not prepared for that either. But I think my favourite thing so far since I’ve been here was my first time stepping into the studio to do some emergency board op. It was amazing being able to sit there talking with Chris and our fans on the live stream, this is by far the most fun I’ve ever had helping people.