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Steven Fournier

Manager Since November 2018
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Steve has had a love of video games and the gaming world since the age of 6 when he got his first console, Intellivision.  Fast forward a few years, he got a job as a QA tester for a large AAA studio, a dream come true, absolutely loved his job until the day he left. Fast forward a few more years, his mother was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. This go his family to start to do yearly fundraisers. They started with the walk for MS and raised ~$100. This started to drive Steve to help others. His friends and him started doing the yearly lung association bike ride, this was 200km (125miles) in 2 days. The first year they raised $1000 between 4 of them, the second year that amount rose to $3000. Unfortunately leading up to the 3rd year Steve was unable to participate but still raised $600.

During this time, his mom was then diagnosed with breast cancer, within 6 weeks of diagnosis she received her first chemotherapy treatment. She started to lose her hair not long after, as so many patients do, his mom asked him and his sisters to shave her head for her. This was her way of controlling when she lost her hair, what she didn’t know was to support his mom he got her to shave his head as well. She is now cancer free. A few years later, Steve’s sister, 21 at the time, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She made the courageous decision to do a double mastectomy instead of radiation to save treatment options in case it ever manifests again.

About a year later, Steve found 1UpOnCancer just prior to the Winter Wishes 2016 event. On short notice he stepped in to fill a 3 hour slot, he set a personal goal of $500. If that $500 was raised in the 3 hour window he would shave his head, it took a whole 45 minutes for the $500 to be raised.